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Improve the appearance of discolored, cavities *dental caries, or chipped teeth with the latest dental bonding procedures.

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Cosmetic dental bonding, high-grade Bonding material.

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Cavities *Dental Caries *Tooth decay Causes include bacteria, snacking, sipping sugary drinks, and poor teeth cleaning. There may be no symptoms. Untreated cavities can cause severe toothache, infection, and tooth loss. Treatments include fluoride, and fillings. Severe cases may need a root canal, crowns or removal.

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One Surface

  • Cosmetic Specialist
  • Resin Composite
  • Tooth-Colored
  • “White Filling”
  • One Tooth

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  • Cosmetic Specialist
  • Resin Composite
  • Tooth-Colored
  • “White Filling”
  • One Tooth

Choose this

  • Cosmetic Specialist
  • Resin Composite
  • Tooth-Colored
  • “White Filling”
  • One Tooth

Choose this

  • Cosmetic Specialist
  • Resin Composite
  • Tooth-Colored
  • “White Filling”
  • One Tooth

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For our patients’ protection, Whole Dental team are unable to treat patients who arrive and present with a fever, cough or other flu-like symptoms, even in an emergency situation. These patients should contact their health care provider. This guidance is intended to lower the risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

How Can You Tell if a Tooth is Cracked?

It can be hard for you to tell if a tooth is cracked. If you have pain, you may not be able to tell which tooth hurts or whether the pain is from an upper or a lower tooth. Cracks sometimes are invisible to the eye and may not show up on an x-ray. And sometimes you won’t have any pain or sensitivity at all; your dentist will discover it during your exam. If you are having symptoms, you can help your dentist find the cracked tooth by sharing some information: The things that cause you tooth pain (such as heat, cold or foods that are sweet, sour or sticky), the area of the pain.

Why Does a Tooth Crack?

A tooth may crack for many reasons, such as the following: chewing on hard objects or foods such as pencils, ice, nuts or hard candy. An accident, such as a blow to the mouth grinding or clenching of teeth, uneven chewing pressure, especially if a nearby tooth is lost, loss of tooth structure through wear, loss of tooth structure due to large fillings or other restorations, exposure of tooth enamel to extreme hot and cold temperatures.

How is a Cracked Tooth Treated?

Treatment depends on the size, location and direction of the crack, as well as your symptoms. Your dentist will talk with you about the treatment that is best for your tooth. Types of treatment include the following: Repairing the tooth with a filling material, placing a crown (cap) on the tooth to protect it from further damage, endodontic (root canal) treatment if the pulp is involved, extracting the tooth if it is severely cracked and cannot be saved. A cracked tooth can become a bigger problem if left untreated. If you think you may have a cracked tooth, visit your dentist.

Why Does a Cracked Tooth Hurt?

Sometimes, a crack in the enamel travels through to the nerve pulp. This type of cracked tooth may hurt when you bite down or when you stop biting. The crack may be too small to see, but when it opens, the pulp inside the tooth may become irritated. The pulp is soft tissue inside the center of the tooth that contains the nerves and blood vessels. The pulp also can be affected as a result of the crack. If this happens, endodontic (root canal) treatment may be needed.


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